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Electraseed Fund's mission is to accelerate clean energy access and incentivize energy efficient use anywhere in the world.
How it works
Not all clean energy investments are equal. A 45 kWp solar installation in a village in Mali has a much bigger social impact than the same amount on a multi-family house's rooftop in established markets. At the same time, energy efficient use in developed countries have a much higher environmental impact than in regions with first time energy access.
Our first goal is to create a data-driven way how the impact of a renewable energy installation is measured. We combine quantitative and qualitative indicators available in energy usage data and data that is publicly available into a benchmark called the "Electraseed Ratio":
If you are a project operator or curator you can nominate projects for benchmarking and listing through Electraseed Fund.
In future versions projects will be able to raise funds directly or be sponsored through the fund. They will also get access to detailed analysis on how to continuously improve the Electraseed Ratio, and hence improve the positive impact they create for their users and investors.
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